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Our Product

A social go-to-place to network and collaborate!

networkëd enables organizations of all types and sizes to create secure, private and highly engaged online
communities, bringing together their constituents on a single screen with a modern interface.

Create a multitude of topical discussion groups, collaborate one-to-one, one-to-many, or many-to-many.

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Mobile App

Powering your community! Help your members easily stay up to date with your organization and to other community members!
The platform can be customized, is available on all devices, and easy to manage.

Home Page

is the central place inside the platform. See articles, photos, videos, posted jobs, upcoming networking events, personalized recommendations, and much more!

Networking pages

helps community members network based off their interests, emphasizing career opportunities, knowledge exchange, networking events, investment opportunities, and selling business services.

Directory page

showcase community members and company directory. Robust search filters available like industry, location, work history and more. Easily send a message, create a connection and form a new relationship.

In-app messages and notifications

send private or group messages and learn about important notifications like who's applied to your hiring needs, seeking to connect with you, RSVP’d to your event, and much more.

Explore page

helps users of networkëd find other communities to join that they belong.

Profile pages

for both people and organizations to display helpful information and function as a media and reference center

Friendly reminders

the platform automatically generates helpful reminders if a message or interaction has not received a response.

Dashboards, Analytics and Reporting

helps community admins drive insight and make informed decisions, providing more value to being a part of their community.

And so much more!