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Our Story

Introducing networkëd

networkëd works with organizations of all sizes and types, helping them create highly engaged online communities. Deepen engagement by helping your constituents' network and collaborate with each other and easily stay in touch with your organization. See who's inside the community, see what people are talking about, sharing and more!

Think of an organization as a “community” and its constituents as “community members”

Colleges & Universities

alumni, students, parents, donors, faculty, administrators…

Companies & Institutions

current employees, alumni network, clients…

Professional Networks

members, partners, employees, speakers…

Non-Profits & Association

members, donors, volunteers, employees, SMEs…

and other communities too!

Our Mission

Our mission is to power the world’s organizations with social and modern technology that enables them to quickly and easily create online communities – deepening member/employee/client engagement, improving outreach management, creating brand ambassadors, and establishing members, customers & employees for life.

networkëd offers organizations a customized platform that is aligned to their mission and brand, driving value back to both the organization and its constituents.

The Problem

It’s hard to access, experience and receive value from your favorite communities. These may include where you went to school, your company networks, professional networking groups, clubs, etc. People and organizations are not realizing the full value hidden within their networks.

Social Networks

have high engagement, but they do not enable networking at the community level. They are focused on person-to-person relationships.

Login Portals & Intranets

fail to meet the expectation for networking online in today’s digital age. The experience must be social, fun and engaging.

Platform Fatigue

What is platform fatigue? Imagine you belong to multiple communities… currently, you need to log in and out of multiple portals & intranets– that’s a lot of friction!

And this hurts value realization for both individuals and organizations.

The Solution

networkëd makes it fast, easy, and fun for you to experience and receive value from your favorite communities in one place. This helps organizations achieve greater engagement, drive collaboration, and optimize outcomes.

Each one of these communities is a private world, full of
possibilities tailored to your background and interests.

Imagine some examples:

And so much more!